aiina aion | Nature Crying
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Performance Art
About This Project

“Nature Crying” was a site-specific performance for Gölingtorp’s market in Tranemo, Sweden. The first part of the series “crusade naturae”. An improvisational embodification – where the artist played with the concept of giving eyes and agency to the natural world. What stories would nature tell us if we lend hir our voice?


about the piece

Nature: blind
Nature: yet, alive
Nature: silent, patiently wise
Nature: waking up to see the new world order arise


Our contemporary global economy – the world of consumerism democracy – is tearing at its fabric. It was built upon a myth of endless natural resources, and the fallout of this delusion is now all around us with forests and oceans being devastated, the gulf streams declining, glaciers melting, biological diversity hovering on the brink of extinction and on top of it all looms runaway climate change.


Human kind have tipped the planet into a  new unprecedented age; the age of ecocide.

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