aiina aion | Metamorphoses
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Performing Arts
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“Go in your transformation in and out.
Which was your life most painful experience?
Is your beverage all too bitter, become wine…”
– Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback


In “Metamorphoses – the forgotten art of transformation” aiina aïon starts off in the greek mythology of “metamorphoses”, creatures with the immanent ability to transform themselves into something else, and explores transformation as an underdeveloped potential of the human being. Inspired by the Japanese Butoh (dance of darkness) she looks into the transmutative ability of the human body to adopt different shapes and states of beingness.


“Metamorphoses” is a site-specific performance which takes place in the
remnants of the industrialism. In an echo of a vanished age which constituted the technological starting point of the anthropocene paradigm. In an almost ritual introspection we get to meet modern man in struggle with oneself, their place in the world and the lost connection with nature.


How did we end up here?
Is there still time to become something different?
Something new?


Concept & artistic direction: aiina aïon
Choreography/dance: Linus Sundqvist
Music: Anders Grönberg & Carl Carlström
Production: aiina aïon prod.