aiina aion | END FOSSIL FUELS
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About This Project


“END FOSSIL FUELS” was the second part of  “crusade naturae”, a site-specific series on climate change and environmental destruction where the artist work with physical characters giving our natural environment a voice. It consisted of several pop-up attendances of a character on a bike during Almedalsveckan (Politician’s Week) in Visby, Sweden and also during the “Rise on Climate Change march” in Gothenburg, Sweden.

about the piece

Our contemporary unassailable global economy, the world of consumer democracy is tearing at its fabric. It was built upon an optimistic vision of endless progress, a myth of endless natural resources – entwined with the narrative of human beings as something separated from nature.


The fallout from this delusion is now all around us with rainforests and oceans being devastated, biological diversity hovering on the brink of extinction, human beings consuming more of the natural ‘products’ than earth can replace, exceeding social inequality – and on top of it all looms runaway climate change. Climate change, which threatens to render all human projects irrelevant.


I therefore call on humanity to start off the personal, social and international processes needed to transform our unsustainable systems and to enforce a lifestyle within the capacity of our planet.

Performance Art