aiina aion | Counter Reformation
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Performance Art
About This Project

In september 2018 you could see aiina aïon as a part of the danish artist Inga Gerner Nielsens residency at Boy Konsthall in Bollebygd, Sweden.

about the piece

“I believe The White Cube to have been born during The Reformation; when the first protestants painted all the walls and ceilings of the church over with white chalk; leaving the eye to rest only on the objects left and up on the few forbidden saints saved in the coloured windows.


And as the busy protestants left to worship through work instead, the white space of the church, thought to be a ship, sailed out of its original site, too, and turned into the gallery and contemporary art space.


In here, in Boy Konsthall, we now call for the emergence of the immersive world of the Catholic imagery hidden behind its white walls. And as a performance of Counter Reformation blow ourselves as bubbles out into your streets.”

– Inga Gerner Nielsen